Jul 15 2012


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Well Howdy, Y’all!

My apologies to all.   I think I might have been experiencing a bit of ‘bloggingitis’ lately. Free Smiley Courtesy of www.millan.netPerhaps a little recap of the recent weeks is in order.   Yeah!   That’s what I’ll do!


It happens every year.  Summer starts off with a giant leap into BUSY here.   First event is always the Great American Scrapbook Convention in Arlington, TX.

It’s a time of great fun, seeing darling friends again, laughing, working, unspeakably sore feet, little bits of stolen time for shopping, and I love it muchly!  For me, it all starts here (above) with Inky Antics!

Next door to the Inky Antics booth you’ll find Darcie Heater.  She’s the multi-talented creator of and the illustrator forDarcie’s.  If you haven’t discovered her mulitude of creative offerings, you really should treat yourself!

Sometimes, such as this year, treasured stampy guests come to town at the same time, for shopping and delightful fun times.   Lydia (Understandblue) and Anna (Sweet Miss Daisy) shared a day full of shopping along with Jeanne (Jeanne S) while I worked, but I did sneak in a bunch of {{{hugs}}} and smiles with them.  There were several more, but my only camera here happened to be my phone.  Alas, some of my pics were culled from sharing.

On occasion, other bits of excitement happen in my world … and one afternoon I was quite surprised at the sight as I was on the way to my mailbox!  No ‘happy mail’ this day, but I did scamper in for my camera for sure.   The balloon was trying to land for pack-up, but when they realized that the chase crew couldn’t access the ranch at the end of my street, they lifted back up and went farther West.  Yes … I did wave & wave, but my yard wouldn’t be nearly large enough for such a venture anyway.   😉

Just when you think it’s getting too dull, “stuff” often happens back in the studio.   This is just one possible result of stamping in a hurry!

Sometimes the “oopsies” are not my doing!   LOL   Zeke was asking for permission to snack … but the snacks “escaped” before he could enjoy them.   Arrrggghhhh! Those sneaky snacks!


Summer’s in full swing now … and Texas serves up plenty of “hot”.  This is a good thing for those who love to play in water, swim, eat drippy ice cream cones, etc.   I love watching Grands enjoying Summer’s fun.










As you can see above, Texas also knows how to serve up “Big“.    Your eyes are not deceiving you here … Those eggs alongside the pancakes and the bacon on top are all average in size.   Not to worry …   My sister-in-law was visiting for several days, and we walked this off afterwards on a visit to the Dallas Museum of Arts with Jessica & my grandson.

The ongoing ‘activity’ during a Texas Summer is the constant hope & search for rain.  It does happen … but Texas is a big place, and those few rainclouds have lots of choices as to where they can share the droplets.  I snapped this pic just a little over a mile from home on a desperate run-for-the-ice cream-outing.   Honestly, about 37 drops fell on me as I headed for my car in the parking lot … and by the time I was home … those clouds had hurried to the South without leaving a drop on my grass.   … next time ….

So this brings us somewhat up-to-date.   If you’re still reading, you deserve a {{{HUGGG}}}!   I’ll share stampy stuff in a day or two.   😉

See ya later!



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  1. Broni says:

    Busy, busy, busy, but oh-so FUN!! I just LOVE summertime!!!

  2. Ellen says:

    Do I get a hug Bev? I read your whole post~LOL What a cute post it was! Thanks for the giggle and enjoy yourself!
    Your arm looks like mine most of the time~

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